Impressive Paper Sculptures

Gerardo Latino was born on October 15, 1966 in San Jose Costa Rica.

Gerardo ( Gee ) whom would years later adopt that as his artistic name, realized at a tender age that He had a gift, love for the arts and began doing art since then.

He graduated and got his bachelor degree at the UNAN Universidad Nacional automnoma de Nicaragua, where he moved for some time to study contemporary paper sculpture.

From 1994 to 1999 Gerardo worked creating catalogs Small Leather Goods for Paloma Picasso.

He moved to United States in 1987 where he continued and successfully was able to reach his objective of developing and expanding this medium to its utmost level, of visually fooling one's ocular vision in believing the art was made of solid material. Water color Color Press Block is the paper that gives the capability to work due to its strength.

Gee Latino is a multi-media Spanish artist, who lives and works as freelance in Leonia, New Jersey. He is a self-taught artist whose soul is reflected in his impressive Paper Sculptures



ArtsEcho Gallery Manhattan New York 2007